David Bucs

David began his art career peddling staple and tape bound graphic novels to his neighbors when he was five years old. His interest in creating original character designs continued all the way to University, where he studied illustration at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. He then flew directly to Los Angeles where he began his career at KlaskyCsupo in Los Angeles, which is the studio famous for the "Rugrats" and the "Wild Thornberrys". He has Art Directed Television series for such major networks as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, TLC and PBS. He has also done development for Disney. Later David’s adventurous spirit led him to Beijing, where he worked at a 3D studio and various other publishing venues as an illustrator and designer. David loves to create characters and bring them to life through strong expression and posing in watercolor, color pencil and digital media. He lives with his wife and young son in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where life is sweet.

Writer - Illustrator